Hawke’s Bay Invention: the Chair That Lets You Get ‘Trolleyed’ Without Touching A Drop of Alcohol

Nicolas (left), Sean and Zach Overend are selling their creation with half the proceeds going to charity. Photo / Paul Taylor
Hawkes Bay Today
By: Thomas Airey

Stuck for gift ideas or perhaps looking for some Christmas chair?

A Napier family have created a unique piece of outdoor furniture to enjoy it in. And the best part is, it allows you to get “trolleyed” without touching a drop of alcohol. Sean Overend of Onekawa and his sons Zach (17) and Nicholas (16) fashioned a chair out of an old shopping trolley to the amusement of thousands on Facebook.

“I think [Zach] might have seen something online,” Sean said.

“He just said can I borrow a grinder and then started cutting into the trolley. “


The chair as initially constructed. Photo / Supplied

Sean said he bought the trolley at an auction along with bunch of other stuff. ”It was all broken welds, and the wheels didn’t work on it and bits and pieces,” he said. “I thought it would be quite handy to just move some tools and things around, then [Zach] got it and cut it into this creation.” Nicholas then added a couple of cushions to it, sourced from an upholsterer friend. After all the publicity the chair garnered when the Overend’s posted it on Facebook in its initial form, they decided further refurbishment was required. It was given a black and green paint job, along with some wing mirrors sourced from a scooter.


As their creation gained traction online, the Overends decided to spruce it up a bit, put it on Trademe and give half the proceeds from its sale to Diabetes New Zealand. Photo / Supplied

“So that you can see if someone is sneaking up to steal your drink,” Sean said.

 They are selling the chair on Trade Me with half the proceeds to be donated to Diabetes New Zealand, and are hoping to make the cool auctions section on the front page of the website. According to the auction description, the “very comfortable” chair is “great for the friend who falls asleep drinking. You can wheel them under cover at night.” The start price for the auction is $100, and it closes next Monday.


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